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Now offering balloon delivery

We now offer both latex and foil helium-filled balloons in 100s of designs for delivery in and around Lowestoft. Please call or email for more information.

Balloon Décor

At Eventopia we specialise in transforming all events into something spectacular. Our balloon decor is perfect for birthdays, weddings, engagements, staff parties & all occasions.

Package 1

  • 6x 3 balloon bouquets
  • 1x Archway


Package 2

  • 6x 3 balloon bouquets
  • 2x Helium Number balloons
  • 2x Balloon Columns


Package 3

  • 6x 3 balloon bouquets
  • 2x Helium Number balloons
  • 2x Balloon Columns
  • 1x Archway


All balloon packages include delivery & set up in Lowestoft. Additional travel for outside Lowestoft.

No matter what your event, we have a balloon decoration to suit all styles and budgets. From simple clusters to magnificent arches these decorations are a fantastic way to bring lots of colour and fun to your event. We can provide a wide range of balloons in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours; to ensure the perfect balloon experience! All of our balloon are made from the highest quality latex and foil which is prepared with expert care and attention, we can ensure a professional service throughout!

Balloon Bouquets

Bouquets are the most popular balloon decorations and can consist of latex and/or foil balloons. The helium filled balloons are tied together with matching ribbon and attached to a weight.

3 Balloon Bouquet £8, then £1 per extra balloon

Single Pearl Balloon Arches

Single Line Arches are perfect for weddings, parties and even proms. Made in virtually any size, it makes a beautiful focal point or entrance.  Most arches are made using latex balloons, sometimes with a single "Double-Bubble" centre balloon.


Framed Spiral Balloon Arches

Stand out from the crowd on your grand opening or special event with one of our framed spiral balloon arches.


Balloon Columns

Spiral and twisted coumns are excellent for that "WOW" factor for entrances or just as a focal point. The top balloon can be personalised to add that special touch, such as a large printed balloon. We can also add jumbo numbers for those special birthdays.


Heart Frame

Beautiful, elegant heart frame made form made form spiralling 5in balloons to add that finishing touch to your special day.


Cloud Nines

Cloud Nine balloons are one of the most popular balloon decorations for Weddings and Parties. They provide height and look spectacular floating in mid air.

£25 each (linking £10)

Balloon sculptures

Balloon sculptures are fun and will be a definite talking point of your special occasion.

from £30

Ceiling Balloons

Ceiling balloons are a great way to decorate a large space. Loosly scatter them all around your ceiling or tightly fit them for that great party effect. This will definitely add that final touch to your special occasion.

50 balloons - £100, 100 balloons - £190

150 balloons - £270, 200 balloons - £330

Examples of our Balloon Decor